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Therapy Dogs Care

We know that having pets and being around animals can be therapeutic. Time spent caring for,  playing with or just petting our furry friends  can help make us more social. We may join in with a conversation while petting a dog, become more interactive with those around us or even just talk to and hug the pet itself. This interaction can reduce anxiety and even help reduce the symptoms of depression. At Daisy a Day, that is often the case. Our residents will join in and become more social while petting and spending time with our therapy dogs.

This interaction with the dogs can help lower the stress level of those finding themselves living in a longer -term care facility. Of course, lower stress levels can help improve mental health issues as well as help improve the overall well being of our residents.


Seniors who suffer from depression, dementia or other mental health issues get great satisfaction and benefit from staying busy and being involved in activities. This interaction gives them a sense of belonging, of contributing and builds confidence. However, some struggle with joining in and participating. We believe our therapy dogs fill that important gap . They provide an alternative outlet by encouraging interaction. Even if that interaction is talking to the dog itself or walking her around the house. The likelihood of an interaction with a fellow resident or staff person is always there and begins a different level of therapy. Our dogs play an important role in our care at Daisy a Day.     

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