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Daisy Acres Assisted Living,

Better Health, Reduced stress for clients and Loved ones.


About Daisy Acres


Founder Jennifer Buchar's inspiration for Daisy A Day Home Care Service began when she was a young girl. Her relationship with her grandparents is still, to this day, very dear to her heart. She remembers her grandfather, on saturday morning shopping trips, would sing her favourite song, "Daisy a Day".

Jennifer has spent 21 years dedicated to working with children with special needs in the community providing respite care for families. She was also involved with the research and development of Victoria Village, located in the heart of Barrie where she has been working with seniors and their families in the community and assisting with the difficult transition from the family home into a retirement community.

Jennifer has spent many years assisting seniors, as well as individuals with special needs, in the community ensuring appropriate modifications were implemented in their homes so her clients could live safely and independently for as long as possible while enjoying the comfort of home.

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