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I've most impressed at the personalized services provided by Jennifer Boucher and her staff for my father at Daisy-A-Day since he moved into this assistive living residence in the spring of 2018.  He was struggling with managing living alone even with daily visits.  Now he gets  proper supervision for medications, constant patient reminders to use his rollator walker safely, healthy personalized home cooked meals, and receives stimulating cognitive and physical leisure activities.


Any health and other concerns are relayed to family in a prompt manner, and similar information is provided as needed for those health professionals involved in my father's circle of care. Jennifer and her staff of PSW and others have demonstrated many times a significant willingness to bend backwards to both accommodate my father's needs to keep him safe, and work to coordinate other care provided to my father from LHIN-CCAC (i.e. "home care") community resources including Personal Support Workers for bathing and more.


I am coincidentally a Geriatrician, do many home visits in the course of my work to see persons in their own homes, retirement homes, assistive living, and Long Term Care settings, and I am so very much impressed at the dedicated care that Jennifer Bucher and her staff provides both to my father and all others  living under her roof at Daisy-A-Day. If it were not for her and others I am certain my father would have to move into a long term care facility. 

Brian Misiaszek, MD, FRCPSC | Specialist in Internal Medicine, Sub-Specialty Geriatric Medicine

After my accident I needed help with my daily house keeping duties. My insurance company gave me the phone # for Daisy-A-Day Home Care, I called and set up an appointment, at my home, with Jennifer.

We talked about what I needed her to do, her cost and we planned a weekly schedule. I found Jennifer to be very friendly & Pleasant. She was flexible and co-operative to my needs.

I'm a very organized, fussy person. I like things done a certain way and I like my house looking good. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel about someone else taking over. 

My fears were soon put to rest as Jennifer exceeded all my expectations. Not only did she clean like me, but she put things back where they belong. She found extra things to do, like cleaning my blinds and washing my windows, when she had a bit of time. She prepared delicious meals for me and took the time to listen to my sometimes long stories of my youth. 

Not only is Jennifer efficient and good at her job she is also a caring & trustworthy person.

I gave her a key to my home as sometimes my appointments were at the same time she was scheduled to be here and I have had no issues.

In her caring way she will give me gentle reminders when I try to do too much and is always wiling to help me.

I enjoyed having Jennifer helping me in my time of need and I would highly recommend her. She will make your life a lot easier and brighter with her beautiful heart.

Thanks Jennifer!

Coceilia Adams


Thank you Jennifer for your care of my 92 year old mother in 2018.


You provided a loving home environment with your family and the other residents. Having my mother live in a home environment with your family gave my mother interactions and activities that she lacked while she lived alone. When we visited she would be engaged and enjoyed talking about your family (your son's success in school, the upcoming wedding...) and the happenings around her.


My mother was visually impaired and you and your team made sure she was safe and sound. I had peace of mind knowing there was always a PSW on shift 24/7, you met and exceed all the Ministry requirements for a private care home. Your knowledge of the home care system was such a help when you coordinated the OT Assessment to ensure that my mother's individual needs were assessed and met. As well, your commitment to ensuring my mother remained ambulatory by coordinating a physiotherapist and taking her for walks everyday was also very much appreciated by both me and my mother.


You provided accessible access and included a trained service dog to assist the residents. As well, your accessible transportation service was a real help when my mother had to travel 100 kms for eye surgery. She was comfortable and confident with your driver who was very patient, courteous and friendly.

Mom also felt very much at home and appreciated that breakfast was ready for her when she wanted to get up and she raved about the gourmet meals. As a terrier she has earned the right to sleep in.

We are grateful to you and your team.

Julian P.

A very special Thank you to you and your company Daisy A Day Home Care. this past January Mr. Walters required a drive to the RVH for surgery. Due to the fact he was not a senior citizen other agencies would not accommodate him or did not return his phone calls.

Fortunately, Jennifer Buchar I called you and Daisy A Day Home Care came to the rescue. You arrived on time and proved your excellent driving skills through the horrible drive to the hospital.

On the return drive you detoured to the drugstore for Mr. Walters' prescription. You are kind and caring, two very important ingredients for a successful Home Care business. 

During my conversation with you I discovered Daisy A Day provides all aspects of Home Care services without an age restriction.

The service rates are reasonable and affordable.

Welcome to Innisfil Jennifer.


Mr. M. Walters

While looking for community home care services for my husbands mother, we were fortunate enough to find Jennifer Buchar & her Daisy A Day Home Care. It was reassuring to know that Jennifer & her staff could provide so much personalized assistance, including: Safe set-up of her daily medications; ensuring that she had a shower; help with some household chores; making her a lunch or even just simply having a cup of tea & a chat with her. 

Basically, Jennifer would do almost anything asked of her

D. Dawson

Daisy A Day Home Care, What can I say, this is "Heaven On Earth"? No schedules, no rules and definitly no feeling of institutionalization. My mom Erna passed away on September 11th 2017. Erna had spent some time in Daisy A Day Home Care in April and from June 1st until her passing.

I was introduced to Daisy A Day Home Care in February of this year. I had the pleasure and honour to meet the Owner/Operator of Daisy A Day Home Care, Jennifer Buchar. I can honestly say it has been a delightful and most honourable experience to have met this most compassionate, caring and loving woman. 

At Daisy it's that home feeling that is eluded throughout the entire house, one feels like a part of Jennifer's family, everyone is treated with the utmost love, respect and kindness.

I cannot express how I feel having placed my mom in the care of all the staff who work at Daisy. They are by far deserving of such gratitude and praise. I know my mom loved being at Daisy, she felt safe, comfortable and loved and I too felt totally content that I chose such an amazing and happy place for my mom. 

I know that my mom is looking down on me and says :Thank you my daughter" you made a great decision for me, I have no regrets, except that I truly wished I had found Daisy a Day Home Care much earlier so, my mom could have had a longer time at Daisy.

Thank you Daisy A Day Home Care for making my mom's last days on this earth the most loving and caring, it has been a pleasure and honour to have worked with everyone at this incredible and amazing place.

Love to all from Liz and Erna

Jennifer- I had an even better day knowing that you reached out to me again.. even with your invoice! LOL

Seriously, no amount of money can speak the value of there services you performed for me... at a time when I was most vulnerable post op, you were there. That alone is priceless. It takes a special person to do what you do for others. What you did for me has enabled me to do the same unto others, in different ways. It's an incredible precious life cycle, isn't it? You were worth every cent of your time, compassion and support.

Feel free to quote me if you like. You earned it. I only wish you had taken a picture of the bathrooms when you were here before they were cleaned... I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them what it looked like!

Also if you are in the area, please don't hesitate to stop in and say hi.. and meet Dodge.. you haven't met the other part of my life that is helping me heal even faster now that he is home with me.

Warm regards, RJ

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you again for your services you provide for my Dad. He looks forward each week to seeing Melissa. He always tells me she works hard and completes all the jobs he asks her to do.

Thank you, Connie

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