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Home Care Services:

Daisy Acres Palliative Care

Daisy Acres provides a compassionate , caring palliative service and environment to both the resident and the family at this time of your loved one’s life. There are specialized needs for the patient including preparation and providing meals . We can provide a medication management service for you and you family so the resident well being is ensured as much as possible. 

We also provide open communication between the family and Daisy Acres as circumstances require more family instructions or specific personal needs for the patients comfort and dignity.

Our goal is to provide comfort, dignity and care to those residents who are living with an advanced illness. We strive to relieve discomfort wherever possible and provide an improvement to the quality of life to our residents through thoughtful care, encouragement and a warm, comfortable environment.

Our care plan includes input from the family wherever and as much as possible as well as trying to maintain open communications with family members regarding the level of care, any changes in the resident's condition and following up on the family questions and requests as we are able. Our care can be combined with care treatments specific to your loved one's needs as possible.  

Our staff is aware of the difficulties and problems families and residents face in these very difficult situations and we are focused on making such times as comfortable and positive as possible.

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