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Respite Care

Respite Care

Care givers are often a life line to the loved ones they care for but they need a break as well. It is OK to take a break from your caregiving responsibilities when you can give those responsibilities to a caring, qualified staff who will give your loved one the best care and give you the confidence they are in good hands.  

You need to maintain a healthy balance and enjoy your own quality of life – getting away from your care giving role for a few hours, a few days or a week or more can be very important for you and provide a new and healthy experience for your loved one. As a caregiver , it is important you relax, enjoy life, get renewed and a fresh perspective so you can carry on your care with a restored energy.

We offer a Day Program that provides an excellent introduction to our Home, staff and environment. This service includes transportation to and from Daisy Acres, planned activities and personal time, PSW care and medical assistance as needed, personal hygiene and good home cooked meals. 

We offer and provide an excellent , affordable friendly home setting – it is ideal for those on need of care and for those caregivers who need a break from that care.

Respite care is about helping you maintain a healthy balance so that you can continue to enjoy your own quality of life. It is okay to need and want to take a break from the caregiving role. This break can be for a few hours, few days or even a week or more.


  1. Renewal and Relaxation – Taking a walk, strolling leisurely through the mall, visiting a museum or doing whatever brings joy can calm you, decrease your heart rate and improve your mood.

  2. Energy – To be effective in your busy life, you must take time to re-energize.  

  3. Space – Getting away from the caregiving situation for even just a few hours can help you relax and bring a renewed sense of purpose.

  4.  Pleasure – As a caregiver, you must remember that you have the right to enjoy life. You have no reason to feel guilty.

  5. Identity – You must be purposeful in maintaining your sense of self. You are important, too!

  6. Perspective – Time away from caregiving allows you to see more clearly and keep things in proper perspective. You might even think of better ways of doing things and other resources you can tap into.

  7. Engagement – Social isolation can be a huge problem for caregivers. It’s important to take time to engage with your friends and family by sharing lunch, taking a shopping trip or doing whatever gives you personal enjoyment.

Day Program

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