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Blood Test

Need a Blood test? We can help!

Right in the comfort of your own home!

Fast, Professional, Relaxing and Safe



At Daisy Mobile Blood Services, we hire trained  Phlebotomists - a Phlebotomist is a professional certified to draw blood and then prepare the blood for diagnosis. They are meticulous, follow strict protocols and they are careful and caring with our patients.


DO YOU NEED A BLOOD TEST? Here is all you have to do!

We come to you - home or office!

Once you receive your requisition form from your doctor, contact us by telephone, email , text or fax - all of this information is on this flyer. We will set up an appointment convenient for you at the location that works best for you as well. We will draw your blood, take the requisition form ands deliver it to the lab for you and your doctor.

We will contact you the day before your appointment to confirm the time and place, answer any questions you may have and do a quick covid screening if necessary.

Daisy Mobile Blood Services is a registered Mobile Blood Service and we work closely with the Simcoe County Infectious Disease unit to service you safely.

Relax at Home - Wde will come to you


Contact Us

224 Cox Mill Rd.
Barrie, ON
L4N 4G5

T: 705-985-9998
F: 1-888-808-7791

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